Three Training Pillars


Sales are the lifeblood of any successful organisation or business. Since 2010 PTS has provided sales training that has enabled organisations to increase revenue, grow margins and develop a robust sales culture for organisations across East Africa. From beginner through to advanced, we offer a range of sales & sales management programs tailored to cover every stage of the sales process. Our solutions are designed to equip salespeople & sales managers with the tools necessary to become effective, confident and efficient sales professionals and our sales trainers are consistently rated 9/10 for both curriculum development & delivery.


Nothing stands out clearer between competing institutions than the quality of their customer experience. In an ever evolving landscape characterised by stiff competition from local and international players, it’s becoming more and more important for organisations – public and private – to provide a customer ‘experience’ that consistently exceeds expectations. Our Customer Service programs equip individuals and teams with the tools necessary to build a culture of service and delight customers which in turn will impact the bottom line.

EQ for Leadership

The evidence is increasingly compelling. Emotional Intelligence is essential for both individual & business success.

What is Emotional Intelligence?
Emotional intelligence is the ability to perceive emotions, to access and generate emotions so as to assist thought, to understand emotions so as to promote emotional and intellectual growth. -Mayer & Salovey 1997

Research on emerging businesses indicates that the ability to effectively manage the human side of the business is critical for success. The same can be said for leadership. There is clear evidence that emotionally intelligent leaders are more successful. They are better able to foster a workplace climate conducive to high performance which yields significantly higher productivity, retention, and profitability. Ultimately, Emotional Intelligence is the “missing link” that equips people to be change-makers.

At Premier Training Services Ltd, we are excited about the fact that Emotional Intelligence is a learnable skill which means the power to increase human capital is internal. Through our partnership with EI pioneers, the Six Seconds Network, we provide high impact & practical Emotional Intelligence training programs.