The Authentic Self

The Authentic Self

“I have come to realize that, for me at least, the quest for ‘authenticity’ is really a new spin on an age-old quest to find meaning and do the right thing. It’s a journey not a destination; a process not an answer.”

~Hugh Mason

Authenticity is critical to the development of a successful and sustainable brand. It is not enough to say that you are, you must be. Be authentic, be consistent and be diligent. Actions speak louder than words.
Living your values as a leader every day is an important key component of authentic leadership. Leading with values creates and maintains company culture, drive the organization’s climate guides the direction of company growth, and adds meaning to the work required to maintain the organization.
That meaning starts with the leader, and passes down to all levels of the team.

Emotional Intelligence is being smart with feelings…
More aware. More intentional. More purposeful.
How emotionally intelligent are you?

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