Sales managers are the key change agents in any organisation.

Rightly equipped, sales managers can improve sales performance, create high performance & deliver consistently.

Ultimately, success depends on capable and committed sales managers. This series of workshops will equip sales managers with the tools to be more effective sales leaders & establish a management framework built on productive behaviour, cooperation, collaboration, and accountability

Module I: Leveraging EQ For Sales Management Success*

*Includes Six Seconds EQ Assessment

This module will help Sales Managers to develop the Sales Leadership Mindset required to create and sustain a positive sales team culture;

  • Understand their role as leader, coach & mentor
  • Identify the role of Emotional Intelligence in managing sales teams
  • Sustaining high performance

Module 2: Pipeline Management – Equipping Teams With The Tools To Maximise Sales Success

This module will equip Sales Managers with the tools to utilise best practice techniques to;

  • To shorten sales cycle
  • To increase win rates
  • To increase pipeline quality & salesperson effectiveness

Module 3: Driving Sales Performance – Motivating & Coaching Teams

This module will enable Sales Managers to build sustainable high performance within their sales teams by;

  • Recognising & utilising both the technical /tactical and human/emotional components of performance management
  • Leverage Intrinsic Motivation to drive performance
  • Developing & sustaining high performance