The First EQ Conference in Africa

On the 20th and 21st of February 2019, PTS Africa in collaboration with Six Seconds, The Wangari Maathai Foundation and The Vale school Muthaiga, held an EQ 4 Africa Conference, the first of its kind in Kenya with the theme: Transforming Africa: Leveraging EQ to Optimize Learning and Drive Organizational Performance.

What are people saying about the conference?


“The conference was born out of a desire to transform Africa. If we learn how to navigate emotions, it would impact individuals, organisations & communities.”

Mucha Mlingo - Team Leader Premier Training Services

Day One


Experiencing the power of EQ to transform education in Africa by creating greater classroom engagement & increasing the motivation to learn

It was attended by delegates in the education sector; individuals and schools.

Welcome Note

In his welcome note, Joshua Freedman, CEO of Six Seconds, the Global EQ Network, stressed that children today are more stressed than adults for the first time. The good news is that EQ skills will help them navigate through this and help them flourish in the future.

The Six Seconds Learning Philosophy

Jayne led a brainstorming session on the Six Seconds learning philosophy and how it offers a great learning experience. She said the Six Seconds learning philosophy encourages curious exploration saying, “We need to be flexible and allow space for people to develop authentic, powerful, individual solutions.”

This took us to a panel discussion on ReShaping Africa’s Education: The Impact of Social & Emotional Learning with Solafa Batterjee, CEO, Dooroob Endowment and Rebecca Crook, Founder & Director, Metis; moderated by Soiya Gecaga, Founder, The Vale School.

The key Takeaway from the Panel Discussion

The Wangari Maathai Foundation Chair, Wanjira Mathai spoke about Education and the 21st Century Skill Building and introduced the Hummingbird Leadership Project which is anchored on the existing school structure.

In collaboration with PTS Africa and Six Seconds, the Wangari Maathai Foundation is implementing an impact assessment tool to measure the effect of the Hummingbird Leadership Project, bringing together a phenomenal team of change makers to create a multi-generational solution to a complex problem.

The day ended with 3 workshops filled with activities that helped the delegates gain insights on ‘Cultivating Balance In The Classroom’, ‘Navigating Emotions To Drive Engagement’ and ‘Unlocking Power & Potential’.

Day Two

Day 2 was a milestone for organizations and individuals

We focused on the power of EQ to cultivate and sustain a high-performance environment within organisations.

Keynote Session

Jayne Morrison was the keynote speaker and she spoke on The Vital Signs of Organisational Performance. Research conducted by Six Seconds revealed that 2/3 of the top issues at the workplace are people issues. The most frequent being; lack of communication and poor leadership inhibiting trust and change. When EQ is a priority, organizations are 22% more likely to be high performing.

State of the Heart Report Discussion

Next up was a discussion outlining Nigeria and Solafa Batterjee, CEO the findings of the Six Seconds ‘State Of The Heart Report: Africa Edition.’ moderated by Jayne Morrisson as she drew insights from Enahoro Okhae, CMO Pause Factory, Doorob Endowment, Jordan; ‘Africa has an average EQ of 103, which is higher than the global average of 100. Why then is Africa not performing?

More from the day

The day did not end there, more powerful speakers took to stage with Dr Patricia Murugami, CEO Breakthrough Consulting Solutions Group delivered a workshop on Aligning Individual Purpose & Organisational Direction. The delegates were intrigued when she mentioned we won’t be distracted by comparison if we are captivated by purpose.

The Climax

Mucha Mlingo, Director PTS Okhae facilitated a session Africa and Six Seconds practitioner proceeded to enlighten the delegates on ‘Building High Performance Teams’ based on the premise that people know that Emotional Intelligence is important, but they do not know how to operationalise it.Finally Enahoro ‘Mindful Self-Awareness for Effective Leadership’. What was clear is that our emotions drive our behaviour, and these emotions are impacted by our values have been shaped by our environment.

Day 2 ended with a special treat to all who attended. Premier Training Services Ltd officially transitioned to PTS Africa an organization that utilizes Emotional Intelligence to drive change. No longer a training company, PTS Africa is a boutique training & consultancy firm dedicated to the development of people utilising EQ data, tools and interventions. In addition to this, the Wangari Maathai Foundation became the second Six Seconds Preferred Partner in Kenya, one of 4 Preferred Partners across the continent.

What an exciting end to the conference.

Conference Faculty

Speakers from the EQ 2019 conference


Mucha Mlingo

Team Leader Premier Training Services

Jayne Morrison

Regional Network Director, Six Seconds

Wanjira Mathai

Chair, Wangari Maathai Foundation

Dr. Patricia Murugami

CEO, Breakthrough Consulting Solutions Group

Tazim Elkington

The Indian Black Butterfly

Solafa Adel Batterjee

Doroob Endowment CEO


Enahoro Okhae

Chief Managing Consultant, Simeon's Pivot Resources

Sarah Richson

Growth Strategy Expert

Rebecca Crook

Co-Founder & Executive Director at Metis

Derek Bbanga

Public Image Africa CEO

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The sponsors for the conference are as follows

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State of the Heart Report 2018

Declining EQ correlates to diminished wellbeing – in the first-ever study of global emotional intelligence trends linked to World Health Organization data.

How Vital is Your Organization?

Key Findings & Report on the 2017 Vitality Survey

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