Who is this conference for?

Calling all individuals, organisations, schools & communities interested in learning proven approaches for putting EQ into action to increase effectiveness, improve wellbeing, strengthen relationships and improve quality of life.

Conference Details

LOCATION: Gem Suites Hotel (See map)

Riverside Lane off Riverside Drive, Nairobi

DATE: 20th to 21st February 2019

Hours: 8am - 5pm

COST: Ksh. 10,150 inclusive of VAT per day.  Ksh. 18,560 for a 2-day pass

Discounts available for groups of above 7 people

Why the EQ Conference is important

What if?


250 million Africans

were practising the skills of Emotional  Intelligence, leading to greater effectiveness, improved relationships and better quality of life & wellbeingca


All Schools across Africa

had a schoolwide commitment to Social & Emotional Learning that helps students to find a place in school where they can feel safe in their relationships, ready to learn and motivated to succeed


All Organisations across Africa

integrated Emotional Intelligence into their corporate culture, fostering a workplace climate conducive to high performance

What is the value of EQ in Africa today?

In Africa, people high in EQ are 8.1 times more likely to be in the high-performance success zone

What does this mean?

According to research conducted by Six Seconds (a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting people to create positive change), Emotional Intelligence is strongly linked to increased performance outcome scores of ffectiveness, Relationships, Wellbeing & Quality of Life. That’s one reason the World Economic Forum identifies it as one of the essential skills for the future (6sec.org/wef).

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the capability of individuals to recognize their own emotions and those of others, discern between different feelings and label them appropriately, use emotional information to guide thinking and behaviour, and manage and/or adjust emotions to adapt to environments or achieve one’s goal(s).

Simply put

Emotional Intelligence is being smart with feelings.

The Target Audience for the Conference

“Effective mastery of SEL skills results in improved outcomes in well-being, health, self-efficacy and better school performance.”

~ Six Seconds

Researchers and educators agree that a positive climate is needed for successful outcomes, such as learning, belonging, safety, and thriving.

Social And Emotional Learning enables children and youth to cultivate essential life skills including awareness of one’s own emotions, fostering empathy, respect and care for others, establishing strong relationships, setting and achieving positive goals, making ethical and responsible decisions, and handling adversity constructively.

Bullying on school property and online, sexual harassment & abuse – sometimes by those who are supposed to protect. In addition to this, is the issue of childhood stress, whether from conflict at home, peer pressure or exam pressure, all of which can negatively impact a child’s ability to successfully navigate school and life. Many children & young people are afraid to stand up for what they believe in for fear of retribution, and across the continent, young people believe corruption to be a legitimate way of doing business.

Many African children & youth are facing major social, emotional and mental health obstacles to succeeding at school.

Sustainable Development Goal 4

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

We believe that Quality Education For Africa goes beyond the cognitive and includes life skills that equip learners in schools & institutions of higher learning with the tools to successfully navigate life’s complexities.

“EQ has twice the power of IQ to predict performance. EQ is also a better predictor than employee skill, knowledge, or expertise”

~ Gerald Mount

In an increasingly fluid, complex and competitive environment, EQ is the missing link, enabling organisations to thrive and gain competitive advantage. Multiple implementation strategies have been used to deploy EQ, particularly in developing leadership and culture, and for selection and retention. The most effective implementation strategies seek to integrate EQ into the organizational culture.

The measurable, learn-able skills of emotional intelligence significantly impact organisational performance.

Research has provided clear evidence outlining the impact of EQ on organisational success;

One of the most important applications of EQ is helping leaders foster a workplace climate conducive to high performance. These workplaces yield significantly higher productivity, retention, and profitability, and emotional intelligence appears key to this competitive advantage.

Emotional Intelligence helps to navigate the people challenges faced by organisations today.

In a Six Seconds study, when asked, “What are the top issues you face at work?” leaders said that 76% are on the people/relational side, and only 24% on the finance/technical side. In another of primarily managers and senior managers, of 775 respondents, a massive 89% identified EQ as “highly important” or “essential” to meeting their organizations’ top challenges.

Sustainable Development Goal 8

Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all

We believe that the scientifically-based skills of Emotional Intelligence will transform Africa’s workforce & enable organisations to drive sustainable performance.

Conference Schedule

The 2-day ‘EQ4Africa’ Conference, themed - Leveraging EQ To Optimise Learning & Drive Organisational Performance, will include experts & industry leaders driving action-oriented conversations geared towards transforming Africa

Day One: Download Full Schedule

EQ For Education – Learning Professionals, Educators & Professionals interested in transforming the education sector across the African continent

Reshaping Africa’s education by leveraging EQ to optimise learning.


Day Two:  Download Full Schedule

EQ For Organisations – Managers, HR Practitioners & organisations interested in leveraging EQ to drive performance

Transforming Africa’s workforce by enabling organisations to increase the utilisation of EQ Tools as a key driver for optimal productivity.

Conference Faculty

A line-up of people who are both passionate and equipped with EQ knowledge, experience and skills


Mucha Mlingo

Team Leader Premier Training Services

Jayne Morrison

Regional Network Director, Six Seconds

Wanjira Mathai

Chair, Wangari Maathai Foundation

Dr. Patricia Murugami

CEO, Breakthrough Consulting Solutions Group

Tazim Elkington

The Indian Black Butterfly

Solafa Adel Batterjee

Doroob Endowment CEO


Enahoro Okhae

Chief Managing Consultant, Simeon's Pivot Resources

Sarah Richson

Growth Strategy Expert

Rebecca Crook

Co-Founder & Executive Director at Metis

Derek Bbanga

Public Image Africa CEO

Conference Major Stakeholders

The major partner for the conference are as follows

Join us on a journey of self-discovery, explore the latest research, breakthrough tools & case studies, and Emotional Intelligence applications

Do not miss the opportunity to interact with Subject Matter Experts from across the African continent and learn proven approaches for putting EQ into action to increase effectiveness, improve wellbeing, strengthen relationships and improve quality of life

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Pay Ksh. 10,150 (or Ksh. 18,560 for 2-day pass), times the number of people, to paybill number 836317. The account number is  EQCon2019. Once you pay, fill in the form on the right with the MPesa confirmation code and the number of people attending. Please note MPesa charges a fee for the transaction. Contact us for a DISCOUNT if you are paying for 7 people or more.

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For any enquiries please write to us on info@pts.co.ke or call us on +254 020 266 7287. We are available from Monday to Friday between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. We are closed on weekends and public holidays.