EQ In Action

EQ In Action

Emotional intelligence is the capacity to blend thinking and feeling to make optimal decisions — which is key to having a successful relationship with yourself and others. To provide a practical and simple way to learn and practice emotional intelligence, Six Seconds developed a three-part model in 1997 as a process – an action plan for using EQ in daily life.



This Six Seconds model of EQ-in-Action begins with three important pursuits – to be more aware (noticing what you do), more intentional (doing what you mean), and more purposeful (doing it for a reason).


At the core, emotional intelligence is something to BE.

By being more emotionally intelligent, smarter with feelings, you will more accurately recognize emotions in yourself and others.  This data will help you make decisions and craft effective solutions to the “life puzzles” you face each day.  It’s also important to put it in action – hence the verbs.  The three pursuits – know yourself, choose yourself and give yourself – are actions that you must take in order to strengthen your emotional intelligence.



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