Premier Training Services Ltd is a boutique training & consultancy firm dedicated to the development of people.

PTS applies world class EQ tools and methodologies to provide high-impact learning & development programs and consultancy services. PTS is proud to be one-of-three Six Seconds Preferred Partners in Africa. Six Seconds is a Not For Profit Organisation whose primary focus is to support people to create positive change. Through 20 years of global experience and extensive research, Six Seconds has shown that the scientifically-based skills of emotional intelligence (EQ) are essential for change. These skills are learnable, and predict stronger effectiveness, wellbeing, relationships, and quality of life. We are passionate about leveraging EQ to drive change in organisations, schools & communities.

PTS Africa provides 3 key people development tools:


All of our programs combine rigorous assessment, content customization, result oriented delivery, and ongoing reinforcement to make sure the learning happens and has the highest impact.

Below is more about the three pillars.


Our consultancy, and training interventions are categorised into 3 pillars – Sales, Customer Experience & Leadership, all of which are underpinned by a bedrock of Emotional Intelligence.


Since 2010 PTS has provided sales training, coaching & consultancy services that have enabled organisations to increase revenue, grow margins and develop a robust sales culture for organisations across East Africa.


PTS works with organisations to build a customer-centric culture and ensure that employees develop superior behaviours and skills to meet customers’ expectations of the highest levels of product and service quality.

EQ for Leadership

Research shows that leaders need Emotional Intelligence skills to effectively manage a team. PTS works with individuals, organisations & communities to equip leaders with the necessary skills to cultivate high-performance environments & build sustainable communities.

Why PTS?


Our trainers are certified sales, service & leadership experts, passionate about human capital development and on a mission to pass on knowledge and skills.


Our revolutionary impact-based, result-oriented approach to training sets us apart. We work closely with stakeholders to identify & implement solutions that improve individual and organizational performance in real terms.


We continue to work with our clients after delivery to ensure that learning is long-term and that training is transferred.

National Institute Training Authority (NITA) Certified Trainers