No. 103 Practising EQ – Tune In

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior. Research shows that people with high EI have greater mental health, job performance, and leadership skills.

According to Joshua Freedman, CEO of Six Seconds, the Emotional Intelligence Network, there are 6 practical ways to develop greater emotional intelligence;

 Tip #1

‘Emotions are chemicals that are part of the way our brains and bodies work…Emotions signal the body to prepare for opportunity and threat, regulat­ing such basic functions as heart rate, blood flow, digestion, immunity, mus­cle response, and even body temperature.’


It is important to tune in to your body.  Six Seconds recommend the Mind-Body-Heart Scan;

Body: Ask yourself - what am I experiencing physically? Are your muscles tight or relaxed, is there are smile on your face or a frown?

Mind: What kind of thinking are you doing? Is your thinking focussed or are you distracted?

Heart: What kind of feelings do you have? Are you calm, excited or bored?

Emotions & thoughts influence behaviour. Tune in to yours.  The more often you tune in, the better you will get at noticing your feelings – ‘before they turn into something fierce & loud’

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